About Us


      The purpose and goal of Jesus Compassion Ministries is to fulfill the dynamic challenge given to the church by the Lord Jesus Christ in the "Great Commission" Mathew 28:18-20.

      We have been made aware, that the mandate to our generation is the most crucial in the history of mankind. There are no longer millions but untold billions, who have never heard the gospel and are on their way to an Eternity without God.

Jesus Compassion Ministries came into being with a three fold vision in mind.
  • To preach the gospel to every creature Mark 16:15. To Expound the plan of salvation as taught in scripture. Christ made salvation possible by dying on the cross. The Church must make it available by proclaiming it.
  • Supporting God Ordained ministries at home and abroad.
  • Equipping the beleiver for the work of the ministry, through Teaching and by by example. Ephesians 4:11-15.
      "We beleive the Bible is God's message to mankind and the standard rule of faith for all Christians. Its inspiring words are timeless, providing a guide for all cultures and generations. We further believe that the Bible is infallible and is the only true and holy standard for measuring faith and conduct".